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006.7 EdubloggerCon Unconference -- Saturday at NECC in San Antonio

and the fun begins...

[Warning: this a rough copy at this point...lots of typos, few links, missing names...I will clean it up and add some pictures later this evening!]

am in the room with David Warlick...still admiring from afar
Vicki Davis is here too...Judy Lindsey

had a great chat with a 2nd grade teacher from SA who has been blogging with his kids for a few years...last year his big thing was movies...his objective for this is find someone to blog with...another class

there are a whole bunch of 2nd Lifers...real ones! (as in they don't crash and they always remember how to sit)

the group is voting about the sessions they want...I don't care. I'm a lurker here so I will find a nitch to fit in. besides i can't blog and vote at the same.

Track A
social networking for pd 9:30 MY choice
social networking in classroom 10:45 MY Choice
1:00 if the leaders don't get it, it won't happen My choice
2:15 Web 2.0 and Teacher Education
3:30 designing global learning

track B
9:15 filtering policies
10:45 digital storytelling..change agent
1:00 diving deep into google earth, maps
2:15 web 2.0 smackdown My choice

track C
9:30 google classroom
10:45 shirky booktalk
strategic teacher tools
who me? researcher
hands on byol


Did this live and they were moving fast so it is full of snippets!

discussion of value of Facebook, easy, don' know what they are going to do with it..some profs worry about that
Net1...contained environment part of IsTE...has purpose...better than Facebook idea

tools in general...asynchronous and synchronous is a need
having as much as possible together in one place
self-organizing networks...let them organize the way that works best for them...choice!

creativity, build your own is a key ...once it becomes constrained, then many feel they need to move on!

any form of email, google, blog group gets people started and then as they become more comfortable they can move on to things that appeal to them more, fit them better.

assessment, continuity....not same in every class and how to measure learning

There are podfaders....are there social network faders as well
What keeps you coming back?
the feedback! commentors for bloggers keep the blogger blogging!
Creating a sense of community is essential....a ning (one example) can provide this

immediate purpose...creates need for response which helps keeping it going
nervous in group at beginning is normal.
immediate feedback when someone joins whatever...we welcome students in our schools as quickly as possible, we need to do that in these communities also

digital repoire....greet them at the door (the Wal-mart model)
intellectual speed dating !!
When you say something and no one says something back...discouraging

The site Classroom2.0 has gone beyond critical mass...hopefully ppl use it as entry and then go off to form own group

web2.0 helps us do our job..hence the success of it
DW used "simize" (sorry--new to me ; will have to research) to find a topic...
unreliable tools often cause ppl to "quit" the was mentioned that Twitter is unreliable in many respects..interesting comment, want to follow up on that at some point

instant with people in your already created network!
the right people as opposed to lots of people
they need a connection of some kind!

Risk-taking do we get people to come out of their shells
we ARE digital we play that part...bringing those that do together with those who don't
don't think of technology type things as separate courses...infuse

When did teachers stop being learners?
the emotional response was high from the group on this one! THE tests got a lot of the blame
principal--permission to fail, allow them to be risk-takers
just-in-time learning

GA college professor...trying to get professors to show these things to their students
risk-aversion seems to be prevalent in a lot of places because "scared" of so many other things

Carolyn Foote
tools different your bldg vs working on a world-wide network
repository necessary for the ones for those now, but necessary
let them decide what they need to know...more choice

Don't do it to ppl it with ppl
r u an educational detached retina...are you looking for a community, support, etc. Start small
Be still my heart---Vicki Davis, THE Vicki Davis is sharing my extension cord...of course, she has already been pulled away so I will continue to admire from afar...besides I am dumbstruck...i have absolutely nothing of any consequence to say to these this point!

SOCIAL NETWORKING in the Classroom - Session #2

online h.s. isolated community
hardly every see each other
next semester 725 students...first network for teachers!
started small..tutoring groups, raised funds for wildlife fund

open source use
project k-6
cross-connect for the kids..district-wide
doing assignments form other classes because they think they are cool!
authentic is open to parents, aunts, uncles, grandpa, etc.
teacher chooses what goes public, what stays private
"a walled garden"
specific case...boy who writes book about WWII..a resource kid...get comments from others

Vicki Davis
students have to learn how to be a professional student...this is how you need to behave in this safe space...mentioned the language issue...she does not consider this a "social" network...facebook is don't behave the same way in the classroom ning...she had to kick some off until they learned to behave.

give students a place they are comfortable...ning--so familiar to them. gadgets--need rating system. summer assignments...talking all summer assignments.

the president's rule about pictures...

Judy does a project together
digital citizenship model safe, secure, private
created lessons to use with younger kids

digital citizenship vs pedagogical model
provides vehicles to teach certain things

one teacher (didn't get his location but his accent is Australian) finally mentioned animoto! talked to a few who had not heard about it!
The kids will tell other others---bring it back to the will self-correct

The power of the back channel
the recorded learning...the kids can go back and see their thoughts, etc.
the side stories that come about

some teachers won't learn in front of kids...some teachers won't learn in front of other teachers.

mentoring kids to live in this world
the story about the art group k-12...and having to ask the older kids t change avatar.
moments of grace...complimenting other kids...

how to handle language issues...if you heard bad language in your you close your school?

we learned them in our professional lives...they learned in their personal they have to be taught how to deal in the "professional" world..the school.

what is the acceptable risk tolerance level.

it is not a technology is a behavior problem, issues.
strong library of best practices will also counteract the issue of not allowed.

teachable moments...lots of learning takes place outside class because of the coolness of the tools.

educating the parents, teachers, parents about the safety of the

example of the car marker with team name and number

much safer than mall or at the convenience store.

there are no rule books...unlike education 1.0

what are classroom practices that work..specific examples, stories are creating the rules.

kinder teacher...she has responsibility to teach the kids, but feels as much responsibility in educating the parents as well!

it is so exciting sitting here talking and listening to people ...from Australia...their accent is totally fascinating..I forget to follow the thread of the conversation because I'm listening too hard!

The gang is breaking to take a picture..wee will see where it shows up

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