Friday, June 13, 2008

025.1 TASLA The Last Day: The State of the...

Gloria Meraz
We have foothold in two agencies...State Library & TEA. Policies about school libraries may be the next step. Encouraged by Karen Kahan's statements.The barriers are loosening...still a tough battle. Not a simple solution/

State mandated librarians on every campus is the dream, but there is a lot to do to even come close to that.
Work through the two agencies as to what is best...maybe a tiered approach to the change.

On the question of getting librarians classed as teachers..have to take the good with the "bad"..example--same assessments!

The big issue--resistance to this change...both on control and financial

The Humble ISD issue...the general attitude of the powers that be: I don't want to do this, BUT they are not manadated, yada yada...

The power of the grassroots...and the strength of these groups

She & P. Smith recently met with a regional PTA group on some topics and broached some of these topics along with the planned agenda...630,000 member strong across the state.

Advocacy happens at home...behind the scenes. One-on-one relationships.

Having TEA look at research that positions us in the mainframe is a HUGE thing! They now "recognize" something we have known all along

Different type of Legislative session...all hinges on the database program and how to prove its success. The vehicle to showcase the survey, etc. will be the key essential ingredient in making our point. " gonna take it for a spin and see how far it goes!"

Audience:Do we know the process for the writing of the report? key people from each agency plus a task force including Librarians

Report needs to become a strategic plan for next 10 yrs--audience comment

Audience: Any premlim data on which agency would be best fit for us?

Most said TEA (beyond the local entity)

Online resources are integrated into curriculum, fabic of instruction tends to make it fall under TEA. fundng issues could lean towards State library, but she doesn't feel it really matters
Audience: ELA new standards...the research piece will be a good arguement for the need for databases. description almost makes them a "mandate" so to speak.

Gloria: Is there a group connecting this group with TASL? we are essentially the same people wearing dfferent hats.

Report will be turned into Legislature in Dec. 08...prelim copies probably in October that will circulate for point and counterpoint talk.
Need for Libraries and certified Librarians issue is bigger than just us...need supt organization, principal group AND parents! Legislature needs to hear other voices than just us!

Going into the "transforming business" will be tough...some sacred cows may need to be sacrificied. Relationships with lots of groups will be necessary.


Region 1 ESC

Maria Elena Ovalle

The need to showcase books reflecting the culture of the area.

655,000+ students speak Spanish

Basic practices for ELL..."instruction that incorporates students' cultures and language"
Oral profiency [only] in the first language is not sufficient. Most be totally literate in the first language to be successful in the second language.

Dual language is best policy, but the problem is there are not enough qualified teachers!

So this reading program covers all these points (and others I didn't capture!)

Interesting comment she made...the books are windows to the worls, but they are mirrors as well! not a new thought, but I really haven't thought about the mirror part in awhile!

The authors do not need to be Hispanic, but must be immersed...Joe Hays is an example. Just being able to write in Spanish is not enough.

2007 winner
Juan and the Chupacabras/Juan y el Chupacabras by Xavier Garza

The newest list for 2008-2009. voting will be in February.
Cost is free. Rules and Forms

La fiesta de las tortillas ...she is going to use in a science integration...they are going to make torillas as the activity...the science behind it! article with chemical reactions oftortilla [ need to getthis information!]

Rene the boy...jumping off point for early research...researching people with your name!


Library Girl said...

Sounds like there have been some amazing conversations and I can only imagine how awesome it's been to be there with all of those like-minded people! Thanks for sharing so those of us that are interested could get a taste! Safe passage home! :)

melscales said...

I love the fact that there are people putting together lists for populations like mine. Finding quality materials for my Hispanic kids is a huge challenge for me and I truly appreciate the help from those who know more than me!