Tuesday, July 1, 2008

371.3 NECC: Prevent Poisoned PowerPoints

Annette Lamb, one of the presenters from the SIGMS forum presented this session


[blogged "live" -excuse rough format]

PPT becomes more of a desktop vs a slide show

1st tip: Prohibit bullets

the learning space and the presentation space

the assignment is in the page...not somewhere else!

also directions to do the activity..even some skill if needed

use the notes box for questions...never to be played as a slideshow

first example was a photo with speech bubbles!

add a sound...record what the person in the picture may say

speech bubble site

voice thread

other speech bubble ideas:

dialog historical figures, brainstorm plot, setting, react to peer pressure, compare science image to student project (dissection of frog), solve architect's geometry dilemma

concern: google the pictures...no mention of copyright or creative commons

Simple templates for primary grades

Grades K-2 Primary Writing Spaces: 1 line (PPT), 2 lines (PPT), 3 lines (PPT), 4 lines (PPT), and 8 lines (PPT).
"Post-it note idea"

Grades 3-12 Notepaper Writing Spaces: Sidepage (PPT), Bottompage (PPT), fullpage (PPT), halfpage (PPT), all 4 in one (PPT) file

keywords and visuals

Image Starters

these will be in additional to Flickr Creative Commons that we have featured in our Student Products for the 21st Century and #5 out of 23 Things

Other countries have archives of pictures--need to investigate this for lists.

Sarah Plain & Tall - example of creating a musical

Colonial Williamsburg job comparison

Character Scrapbooks - Bread & Roses too

bubbles to increase interest in books...draw attention

characters that have been recreated...compare the various pictures

virtual flannel boards

Zany Zoo Keeper

could incorporate Build Your Wild Self

creative thinking and critical thinking


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Thanks for all the help in 23 Things. I'm so proud to be a graduate!!!!

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