Monday, September 1, 2008

027.8 Libraries: Creating Community

Two months since I have blogged here! Whew! Feels like forever and yet, I haven't been very far away actually...just haven't had time to write any posts.

My district's Library Information Services Dept. (of which I am one-third of the team) conducted a second session of 23 Things this summer. In the Spring, we had about 75 folks participate, mostly librarians from our district and around the state, but also some interested teachers.

This summer we had about 250 participants!! The majority were teachers this go-round. Loads from the district, but also teachers from around the state and the country. Librarians in the local area participated as well as some around the state and nation. In addition to Texas, we had players from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, and Alaska! Talk about the power of the Internet in creating community. What a great way for teachers and librarians to learn from each other and together.

In reading the posts of the participants and attempting to help them understand activities, answer their questions, or simply enjoy their productions or their outlooks on learning and life, I have lots of new colleagues to call upon in getting thru this thing we call teaching and learning in the library setting. But more important I made a few friends along the way as well. Friends I have never met in the conventional way, but friends nevertheless. An unexpected outcome!

It was great fun running into players thorough all the events around back-to-school. In workshops and meetings, we would identify ourselves and share a moment or two in reflection about our adventure. I was privy to many plans various folks have in using some of the "Things" they have learned with their students or to change the way they work with team or department members.

What a perfect follow-up to my own experience in sharing that I had at NECC this summer in San Antonio. I got to meet "up close and personal" EVERY blogger I consider my blogging mentors and a handful of others who I now follow as a result having a great conversation or encounter. No, don't look at my blogroll for any changes...yet! I haven't had time! Arrgghh! But soon...

Anyway, it was an action-packed I deemed not exciting I purchased a home to add a cherry to the top of the pile of fun I have had. [3rd time I have chosen to move at the beginning of would think I would learn or have my head examined.]

So I have fulfilled my goal. I got this post written. I promise more to come that have a little more substance, I hope!


debnance said...

Be prepared for next summer! I participated this summer and loved it and I've told everyone I know how wonderful it was!

Thank you and your compadres for letting me and others like me (non-students; non-district librarians; teachers) participate!

Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

It was a wild success at my school too. Even though my SIS didn't finish she's preaching the value of blogs to the 5th grade teachers & she did a presentation on them at teacher inservice where she praised both blogs and "her librarian". I fear some librarians are getting real tired of hearing about that school on the far NE side of the district!