Friday, January 16, 2009

953.63 The Qatar Experience: A Worthy Flat Classroom Adventure

Early last month, I posted about a group of SBISD students who are trying to collect funds to help them attend the Flat Classroom Project Conference in Qatar next week.

The group did not meet their goal of raising enough money for all 9 students to attend, but came together, adjusted their plans, and now have three students and two teachers ready to go. The students still need some dollars for their expenses...meals, visas upon arrival, ground transportation and other incidentals needed for a few days in a foreign country.

The group embraced the goals of the program, worked hard with their fellow world-wide classmates, earned awards for some of their work, and have admirably represented what learning in the 21st century is. They DESERVE to be at the showcase...they NEED to be at the showcase representing all of us back home who are also working hard on transforming our learning, our teaching, our schools, our libraries, our world.

These kids have sacrificed much to reach this goal and so have their families. It has not been easy for anyone. Our area has been hit hard economically over the last several months...our community has been affected by the downturn in the general economy as has the rest of the country and the additonal punch that IKE caused to many of our neighbors and friends did not help! Donations have been hard to come by and many individuals in the area simply could not help when asked.

The group going only needs about $1000 more to cover everything. A thousand dollars for a life-changing experience.

The 4th student in line needs $3000 dollars to be able to jump on the plane with his classmates next Tuesday, January 21st. He has his passport...there's seat on the plane...and a spot in a hotel room. He's ready...except for $3000.

Please, readers of this regular readers and any new readers who may have been prodded by someone to read this post and its accompanying links...please go to the CHIPIN site and donate what you can.

Give up a coffee or two and give a kid a lift! It will give you a better buzz than the caffeine

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Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

I sent $25 today - I finally got the PayPal link to work!