Sunday, July 12, 2009

363.34 Natural Disaster Preparededness: You Better Practice A Lot!

A friend sent me this link (might be re-thinking that relationship after this experience.) It's a game, but not like checkers is a game; more like chess is a game...for masters!

Stop Disasters! A simulation game for all kinds of natural disasters...wildfire, flood, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane. You are given an amount of money and time to strategically buy resources that will protect lives and lessen the economic impact.

I failed miserably when I played with the tsunami...yes, that is what they said "failed miserably." I did better with the flood...only a few lives lost, but it would not have been a pretty community because I put up every safety measure possible. This time I was awarded a medal. I took a picture of it, but lost the screen shot in all the will just have to believe me!

Great for the classroom. Background information and teacher plans included. FAQs include the suggested age of 9-16. Timing would work with class periods (provided procedures and practice were done ahead of time.)

Would be a great collaboration project... and then pit one team against an other.


Mamalibearian said...

Can't wait to share this with my middle-schooler! Can you play it on the iTouch?

VWB said...

not sure but I would think is all web-based...if the screen were turned the long way...lots of details, but if the kids looked at it and all the choices a couple of times on larger computer screen, I bet they would do ok!

guess we will have to test it!