Sunday, July 12, 2009

658.8 Double Meaning: A Lesson (and Laugh) in 2.0 Vocabulary

When I saw this on TV this week, it made me laugh out loud. I loved the company's take on the 2.0 term "social networking."

Coleman - Airtight® Inflatable System
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They have a companion video that I featured here.

And not to ignore the print part of the world, the Coleman Co. included one for magazines, etc.

Hummm...2 posts about ads back-to-back? Nothing but coincidence!

Visual & video available here.


hodgepodge said...

Love that coleman ad! Interacting directly with people is the best networking, but the web does allow contact with more people than one might have face to face. Look at me, I'm interacting with you!

VWB said...

exactly! because of distance and time we do not get to interact anymore like when we did at of my nicest memories was the baseball game afternoon..but we have been able to reconnect over this fun PD...and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from you!