Saturday, July 4, 2009

770.79 A Burst of Photographic Fireworks

Happy 4th to all!

I played with this particular image generator Tag Galaxy awhile back (months, years?) but just came across it again. It uses photos from our friend Flickr...who doesn't?

If you are in a playful, messin' around mood just go and throw out a keyword or two and see what happens. You will have to pull yourself away!

No, I don't have any ideas how to use it in an educationally settings...not sure how you would pull pictures off (except thru screen print) and even less how you would credit them.  Sometimes, things are just fun ...and should be enjoyed just for the fun! 

It is as simple as this:


Mamalibearian said...

How cool is that?! As someone who won't be going anywhere to watch the fireworks tonight, I doubly enjoyed yours today!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for info - it's wonderful creative fun!

April said...

This is really cool. I defiantely will play around with it now that I am almost finished with my Library2play stuff.

paul c said...

What a wonderful image and idea for digital enhancement. Thanks.

Amanda (the librarian) said...

I wish though that Tag Galazy worked the way flickrCC does and allowed you to only pull images with Creative Commons licenses. Tag Galaxy is cool, but I worry about people pulling up and using "All Rights Reserved" images. One of the reasons I do little tagging on the photos I have in Flickr.