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TASLA 2011: A Little Bit More

I did not get this information posted in a timely manner relating to the administrator's conference in June. Life, my topsy-turvy life, got in the way! I wanted to go ahead and include it here, particularly because of the author Lester Laminack and his books! Charming word-involved picture books, but more importantly a master in drawing you into how to use his books or anyone else's for matter to convey an idea, share knowledge or create a mood. If you ever get the chance to experience him go for it! You will not be disappointed!

Day 2 is not starting off well...our Internet is being clunky! A room full of Librarians not connected is not a happy place. Grrr.

PSJA Reads Together...Catch the Reading Wave...Read!

A 7-year old community wide reading promotional program coordinated through the Library Department of PSJA ISD. Nora Galvan, one of my favorite TASLA friends, passionately is explaining it to us. It is a multi-level, multi-age program using lots of donated and half-pice books. Lots of book clubs giving the students a chance "to belong." Timeline seems to run by six-weeks periods.
Cute book Shiver Me Letters was part of her presentation. A very touching tribute to the New Orleans tragic hurricane--the film produced by middle schoolers was very emotionally charged for the book Ruined by Paula Morris. The high school example was for Speak. Another great production was for Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Incredible student productions! (with editing help from the district) You can't help but want to read the books.
Some of the featured books (and others) are here on a YouTube collective video.

Maybe this can be adapted for a school who could work with a high school video crew???? A collaborative opportunity.

Project Share - Lannon Heflin, Region 13 ESC

You can have a url as a part of this online for you[your name once you register]
use it as a "teacher page", a training area, a whatever!
it can be your professional portfolio...something you really need to develop if you haven't!

There is a course catalog with projects developed and shared by others. You can see them by date or subject.

TEKs - updates & materials available for use

Digital resources .. free and otherwise
  • science resources will be here in place of the no textbooks plan.
  • open source content
  • NY Times digital archives - the speech example
Professional networking

Districts have space for PD (moodle, Blackboard idea)

student learning access - probably secondary level most beneficial. This part is just know starting, in the infancy stage.

Life-long teacher account. Has to be set up within an institution connection, but is ongoing.

Texas Education Itunes U - videos from colleges, univerisities, other entitites, free to use!

OnTrack - end of course prep materials

The Faces of Project Share - each school district has a presence.

Phase 3 - student account portion.
  • earth to space High School course - official online course for credit
  • OnTrack end of course info
  • other things I didn't capture

the after lunch speaker

keeps a writer's notebook
telling a good story is his reason for writing

The book he is currently working on ---Sam Loves Pink , 4 1/2 rough & tumble boy who just likes the color. A real-life experience he has had with a young kid; sounds fabulous.

Discussion of picture book uses...explanation of war
Playing War
Faithful Elephants - personally one of my favorite NOT for young children or those who can't get through emotionally charged material!

Yellow star
erica's story
The woman's hat
scene from number the stars

railroad in the sky
under the the quilt of night

Ruby Brdges
Through my Eyes

accentuate that we are the same
there is difference
be good to eddie lee
momma zooms
human beings can be acting based on their feelings love and fear
show active violent bullying
One (another title Zero)
the terrible thing
Thank you Mr turrupt

critical literacy

Getting Boys To Read
ABDO has a list on web site
sophisticated media consumers by the time they enter school!
collection development ideas from boys' pajamas
using video games to develop collection
duty to have great football collection football literacy on the website

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