Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Turning the Page

With the big change in my life called retirement, I am closing the book on this blog for now. I have had a grand time writing here about things related to my professional life with little bits of "me" thrown in here and there.

I started in November 2006 and think I have lived up to the objectives I set for myself in that initial post. It has been way more fun than I ever thought and has given me opportunity to do several other things that were exciting and fun. I have met many interesting people online and f2f because of my blogging efforts and for that I am grateful. I have learned a lot and had some really fun times with my blogging friends...even when the events didn't always seem to reflect "fun".

I am not leaving the blogging world...just turning the page for adventures in a new blog, a more personal reflection of my experiences and my thoughts about my new life and things that make me go hmmm. I am not counting on creating much of an audience with the new blog, but hope to create a record for my children and the few friends who are interested enough in what I think about things. If you come along for the ride, great! If you don't, I have enjoyed sharing information with you for whatever reason the last few years.

Take care and I'll see you on the back porch.


Grendel said...

I will see you on that back porch, for sure!

Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books said...

Glad we can still keep up with you as you sip your coffee on the "Back Porch".