Thursday, June 12, 2008

025.1 TASLA Day 2, Afternoon

The SBISD team showed Student Products for the 21st Century and talked about Library2Play 23 Things. Despite the slow Internet, a fun time was had by all...we think!

Comments and ah-ha moments...stay tuned! here you go!
Thanks Dr. T T for handling this for us!
  • ooh, I have to show my librarians this!
  • I’ll be ready for the first of school now!
  • Give kids cameras and let them go out and take pictures to use for this.
  • This is way too cool.
  • Where are you trying to go? Can I go there, too? How did you get there?
  • Let’s GO! I figured it all out.
  • It takes awhile loading, but is worth it.
  • I’ve seen this before.
  • This would be great for beginning of the year library orientation…If we take pictures of every point of interest, you can go back and narrate it all in this Photo Story. I begin to say less and less because I get tired.
  • I could add to this every year.

Ideas you would have your students use? Things you are doing with technology in your district?

  • Our senior English kids do Renaissance magazine covers. I framed some and put in the library. When Dr. Alan November did recording of kid who never would talk, they posted it on itunes and shared it with friends.

  • Research Vietnam War, do citations, videocast themselves as newscasters.
  • I use Photostory and sent out questions and got librarians to speak and put it on google so new librarians can meet everyone.
  • Best practices from veteran librarians.
  • We have 5 year technology switchout and teach teachers the new downloads so they can use these in classes.
  • Creating your own 23 Things
  • Place in Florida has how to use and why you would use these.
  • If teachers need 12 hours, we could copy and paste and create our own? YES
  • This is a big, huge opportunity for those teachers who have dragged their feet.
  • Christine McNew says we can offer credit in the fall. Barry will work out the details.

The book that Liz showed on podcasting
Podcasting at School by Kristin Fontichiaro
ISBN: 1-59158-587-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-59158-587-9


David talked about TEKSLink
It will be a community effort. We need to share our knowledge. "No one has time to do this all anymore."--a quote from David!
It is in the form a wiki making updating easy and an easy way to see who is working on what!

Then we went into the business meeting...and it was just!

Of course, our day will end with a nice dinner and lots more bonding, discussions, and wonderful story-telling moments. Life is good!

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