Thursday, June 12, 2008

025.1 TASLA Day #2 Morning

A High School Program -Engaging YAs
Northwest H.S., Justin, TX

We were shown an Animoto and a Photostory as ways to increase interest in YA books.
The presenter discussed the value of blogging...and how fun it is when authors leave you a message on your blog. We listened to some podcasts that she has done on some new titles. She showed Shelfari as a way to display your collections or genres on line. She talked about the Gale Books & Authors program...there is a free trial. [I can't seem to find info on how to "get there"...stay tuned!] Her deaprting activity... the 212 Degrees motivational video. [didn't take time to find embedded version..hopefully this comes right up]

The link at the top will take you to her library page and you can see the activities, the book lists, etc.

It's break time...guess what we are doing!
TEA Report Karen Kahan

Karen discussed the reorganization structure of TEA and those divisions that may affect our group.

Celebrating Where We Are
  • Support standards
  • K-12 databases
  • Good news reports...various media pieces
  • School Libraries Work!
  • Leaders with technology !!

Audience comment: this needs to be shown to administrators (superintendents).

Setting The Course for Where We Can Go

  • TSLAC/TEA Study and the survey
  • Requests to the Legislature...funding TLC resources for equity...Rider 88!
  • Cooperation with State Library, Region 20
  • Long range plan for technology...progress report due in Dec 2008 ...we need to help with documentation on how databases are making a are they they have affected student achievement (success stories)...have you met the recommendation in the plan

Providing Resources to Help Us Get Where We want to Be

Reminded us we want !00% activiation and 100% regualr usage!! of all those databases. it is critical we have the proof that they are used to be able to keep them!

New format to TEA website...starts in July...there will be portals...buttons viewable on the homepage

she finished up with more resources...will have to wait for the PPt to be sent out...I will try to update when it comes out.


During discussion time, Dr. Bishop talked to the group about the upcoming Administrator's Conference next April during TLA 2009. Start talking to your principal, etc. about attending. The date is April 1st.

What do you wish your principal can hear? other ideas to make it better
  • need to have saying this stuff...not self-promoting speakers (which they really weren't)..we clearly need more administrators
  • problem with the date...we know, but we have no choice
  • time format changes becasuee of adminstrators who leave
  • lots of theory..need more practical stuff like today's presentation, the principal/librarian from yesterday...less theory
  • stats are very important...keep Keith Curry Lance...the impact of collaboration, we are the 5th content
  • a local adminstrator from local area becasue majority will be from there...TASL winners have been used before
  • dynamic librarian telling principals' what they need to do (non-$ support especially!)
  • think of yourself as principal.....should it be divided by grade consensus, yes.
  • how to take advantage of your librarian..Use, not Abuse
  • the new LA/Reading standards might need to be focus; using databases as starting point
  • Involving PTAs, PTOs, ...the parent influence
  • the new LA/Reading standards might need to be focus; using databases as starting point
  • evaluation needs to be more important...not the last day of school, may have to get a new one!
  • include TEA rep, National Board Librarians
  • video cnferencing or vid-cast for those who could not attend
  • what did the principal say about wanting their librian to do
  • need for critical thinking skills...using databases as way to accomplish this, how they are helping to them (the admin themselves)
  • having a strand for non-campus administrators
  • communicating to the 1/3 of the campuses that are not in this room!
  • share what is being talking about with the librarians at some that they can be aware what is needed...maybe a reporting or fact sheet that comes out of there...many of the speakers have sites with all their points
  • pinpoint specific sessions, booths they could go to ...principals' guide to TLA...please go with your librarian
  • Coordinate with TASA maybe?
  • using kids' presentations

It's lunch time!!

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