Sunday, February 22, 2009

028.6 Cybil Awards for the 3rd Time

The winning titles of the Cybil Awards for the 2008 year have been announced and can be reviewed here in detail.

I love the nonfiction picture book Nic Bishop's Frogs selection of fact used it in a catalog class situation last week. It is a perfect example of why kids can't get enough visually-stimulating science books! Here is a podcast with the author of the winning book from the Just One More Book site!

The only other winner I am familiar with enough to even mention knowing is the haunting, somewhat disturbing, YA novel Hunger Games. So much to think about on many levels.
Information about past winners can be found here for 2006 and here for 2007.

Happy Reading!


BSL said...

Hunger Games is a spectacular book. Its subject matter keeps a lot of parents and teachers away, but they shouldn't be afraid... let's get our kids reading things that "shock-and-awe" them and see if we can get some good conversation going about violence in our society today and the youth response to it!

Mamalibearian said...

Love both of those books! My own middle-schooler is reading Hunger Games and we are talking as he goes. He's not nearly as disturbed by it as I was. And it is so well done! Love the frog book! Bishop does so well with non-fiction.

lpickup said...

Both of those books look great. I agree with you about the visually stimulating science books. Sometimes it is so hard to get the real thing into class when you are studying it. The kids love to look at the cool pictures in the science books.